Key Project

Improvement of Commuter Rail Stations - Donholm


Construction of new modern Rail Station for the Metre gauge at the Donholm area including but not limited to Rail line re-design, computerised systems (turnstiles & automatic ticketing), a 160 metre long 5 metre wide platform with steel structure roof sheds, 80m3 underground water tank, 50m3 capacity 15metre high steel elevated water tank, 800 metre tubular fence, 440metre walkway connecting the Donholm bus stage to the walkways along the service road through the newly constructed railway line railway.


A complete realignment of the current line was required in order to achieve a safe gradient along the platform. This realignment needed to be done whilst the train schedule remain completely uninterrupted. The site had four major Kenya Pipeline Corporation oil pipeline running through it and a railway line to bring produce into the National Cereal and Produce Board, two major national security items meaning a lot of care was required whilst conducting works. On-going Outer Ring road works meant that there was a lot of disruptions of works between the two projects whilst traffic management of the Rail project was being implemented. The area had a drainage issue which was difficult to deal with as drainage structures could not easily be done as railway lines crossed the site with the drain also passing through the National Cereals and Produce Board needing approvals from various offices and departments to the security concerns.

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